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Jakrit Egg Hunt 2017 Solve the riddles, complete the tasks, collect Eggs! (2017 Only)

Ah, it seems there may be a slight mistake! Our helpful Makoats mistook Baby Eggs for Jakrit Eggs and hid them all over Terrafrost! The Baby Eggs have to be collected immediately and returned to their parents, so please help find them! Follow our Makoat Helper and they will explain the situation in depth and tell you how to find and return the Baby Eggs. We are positive there will be a reward in store for you! If helping the babies return home wasn't enough of a prize... Good luck!

1 Point
Baby Sharshel Egg
Worth 1 points
2 Points
Baby Dovu Egg
Worth 2 points

Baby Ori Egg
Worth 3 points
Clue Answer Clue Answer Clue Answer
A little cleaning might turn up a Baby Egg. Discard items from your inventory.
You should play a few games, it'll refresh your mind. Play games and send your score(s).
Really memorize where everything is! Random when browsing the site.

Pay a visit to the bank. Maybe some Baby Eggs found their way in!


Getting rid of a few Items might turn up a Baby Egg!

Discard (5) items from your inventory.

Our Banker may have put some Eggs in your bank account! You should go check.

Deposit of 50 000 IP's In your bank account.

A little break will rejuvenate your Pets! Something fun, perhaps.

Use some toys on your pets.

Saving some IcePoints might attract Baby Eggs.

Save some IP'S at the bank.

A Spring Cleaning is in order! Maybe some Baby Eggs are hiding amoung your things.

Discard (10) items from your inventory.


Don't you just love chatting? The sound of a bunch of voices talking can be very helpful when looking for something.

Post (5) messages in the IcePets Forums.
P.S It works in the Forum Games


Wow, your Pets look hungry! You should do something about that.

Feed (8) food items to your pets.


Your Pets look really bored! You should do something about that.

Use (10) toys on your pets.


Try asking every single Shop Owner if they've seen any Baby Eggs. You could pick up some Items while you're there.

Restock (10) Items in NPC's shops.


All hard work and no fun makes for a dull day. Try playing a lot of games to make up for all the hard work you've been doing.

Play games and send your score(s).


Take some time to really help out the Quest Givers.

Complete (3) Quests

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