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Easter Basket Guide

How to Obtain an Easter Basket?
The Easter Basket was first introduced during Easter of 2013. Designed to be a reward from completing a puzzle, this required all 25 original Jakrit Eggs to create. These eggs were and are available during the Easter events through various methods often through a unique feature and eventually from NPC shops. Creating ten of these will net you the Eggstreme Basket Filler avatar.
How to Use an Easter Basket?
Once you’ve combined your Jakrit eggs to create the Easter Basket, head over to your inventory to start opening. Inside, you will find a random 5 of 15 assorted chocolates which can be fed to your pet. Of these, two are gourmet items. Feed your pet ALL 15 different chocolates to receive the Feeling Sick? avatar. Enjoy your chocolaty goodies.
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Avatar related to the Easter Basket

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    Complete 10 Plastic Egg Jigsaw Puzzles.
    Jigsaw Puzzles

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    Feed 1 of your pet all 15 items from the Easter Basket listed below.