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Avatars Solution By Cowpro
A useful guide that will give you several information's on how to obtain avatars.
506.png Easy Money Making By Miemieh
A nice clean guide that will give you some knowledge to start building your Icepoints.

S.O.T.M Solution By Gravity172

View all the staff winners and items release with a direct shop search.
Freezable Items By Cowpro
A full guide to the freezer.
3086.png Frozen Marathon By SpunkiSpirou
Spiffy guide with tons of information's and very helpful for the frozen marathon.
How to Tame a Zabeu By Staff
Not sure on how to unlock a Zabeu? All details are available on this guide.
Quests Hints and Tips! By Kirsty
Can't pass by without a guide related to Quests.
Icepets Anniversaries By Nati
A super cool guide related to Anniversaries.
You might want to make sure your name is on the list.
2414.png Openable Items By Cowpro
One of the biggest guide around. If you need to know were to find some items?... this is the place.
Restocking Trophy Guide By Fearless
A list of all restocking trophies currently available on the site!
Daily Bonus By gravity172

Visit IcePets every day and complete their simple bonus activity to receive a small prize and exclusive items.
Openable Guides By Gravity172

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