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Avatars Guide

Welcome to the avatar Guide. Below you will find the list of all available avatars with solutions and direct links. Some avatars are listed unknown to this day, but they will be updated once the solution has been discover.

Avatars Guide

  • ...Is Another Person's Treasure

    Purchase a lot of items from the Scrap Shop (Unknown amount)

  • *SQUISH*

    Random when playing with a Zabeu Plushie, from the Plot store

  • 1 Year

    You will receive this avatar when your account has reached one year (365 days)

  • 60s Baby!

    Have a 60s pet and visit your profile page

  • 666

    Win 666 IP from the Haunted House

  • A New Chance

    Adopt a pet from the Pound

  • Advanced Hoarder

    Have 750 Rarity 3 items in a single storage box

  • Ancient Ways

    Have four Ancient pets and visit your profile page

  • Anti-Romance

    Receive 4 Evil Letters

  • April Fools!

    Have a suspicious present, click to open it and then cancel

  • Aromatherapy

    Use all eight scented candles on the same pet:
    Bluebell Scented Candle, Cherry Blossom Scented Candle, Lavender Scented Candle, Luna Scented Candle, 
    Rose Scented Candle, Strawberry Passion Scented Candle, Strawberry Scented Candle, Vanilla Scented Candle

  • Aterum Discovery

    Get a questing trophy to Aterum level

  • Back to Basic

    Use one of the following snow jars on your pet:
    Blue, Red, Green or Yellow snow jars

  • Balloon Popper

    Pop each of the 15 Icepet balloons, it can be achieved using multiple pets:
    Black Jakrit Balloon, Blue Audril Balloon, Bluegreen Cobron Balloon, Brown Ori Balloon, Cottoncandy Audril Balloon, Green Cobron Balloon, Grey Xephyr Balloon, Ice Ori Balloon, Orange Cobron Balloon, Pink Xephyr Balloon, Purple Jakrit Balloon, Red Xephyr Balloon, Snowdrift Jakrit Balloon, White Audril Balloon, Yellow Ori Balloon

  • Bankrupt...

    Buy from 50 different user shops in one day

  • Bark!

    Feed a maple bark to a woodland pet

  • Beginner Hoarder

    Have 1500 Rarity 1 items in a single storage box

  • 1518482974_100716.png
    Beloved Friend


  • Best Friends

    Send 95+ items to a single person by using the Gift Center

  • Birthday Party!

    Visit your profile with 4 Party colored pets, with these items in your inventory:
    Birthday Balloon, Birthday Banner, Birthday Book, Birthday Bubbles, Birthday Cake, Birthday Cake Ice Cube, Birthday Cake Stamp, Birthday Candle, Birthday Candles, Birthday Card, Birthday Cupcakes, Birthday Cupcakes Ice Cube, Birthday Face Paint, Birthday Hat, Birthday Invitation, Birthday Present Plushie, Slice of Birthday Cake

  • Black Friday

    Visit the Black Friday page between Black Friday & Cyber Monday

  • Book Keeper

    Complete 500 Book Quests 
    P.S Unlock when doing Book Quest 501

  • Bookworm

    Read twenty different books to one of your pets

  • Box Basher

    Create 50 different ice cubes from the Ice Box

  • Brittle Bones

    Have a skeletal pet play with a skull until it breaks

  • Broken Investment

    Play with 5 funky lamps from the Quest Store until they break
    P.S it can be achieved using multiple pets.

  • Busy Weekend

    Have you're :Time Waited: to be over 3 days at the Ice Box

  • Candy Quest

    Complete 500 Candy quests
    P.S Unlock when doing Candy Quest 501

  • Captain of this Ship

    Own 2 pirate pets and visit your profile page

  • Careless Spender

    Buy 50 items greater than 2,000 IP from NPC shops, in a single day

  • Carulum Discovery

    Get a trophy to Carulum level

  • Cashier

    You will need to get your shop to appear in the Top 50 List Of Usershops

  • Cha-Ching

    Win at least 1000 IP from a single Flash Game score

  • Chalky

    Play with a Senor Awesomes Chalk 
    P.S Random

  • Cheapo

    Use 5 Discounted Tickets from the Raffle Store and then visit the Raffle Page

  • Choco
    Feed 5 Dark Chocolates to any of your pets

  • Christmas Galore

    Have 4 Christmas pets and visit your profile on December 25th

  • Coins Lover

    Have 40 unique coins in 1 storage box

  • Colour Splash!


  • Copy Cat

    Have 4 identical pets then view your profile

  • Cube Activist

    Create 5 each of 60 different types of ice cubes in the Ice Box

  • Cube Catcher

    Play Catch and submit a score of at least 350

  • Cube Collector

    Collect at least 42 ice cubes and put them in your collection, then view your collection

  • Cube Explorer

    Create 25 ice cubes in the Ice Box

  • Cube Grab

    Win 10,000 IP from the game Cube Grab

  • Cube Professional

    Create 250 ice cubes in the Ice Box

  • Cuddles

    Break 10 unique Cuddly Plushies with the same pet

  • Cuddly Collector

    Have 25 unique Cuddly Plushies in your inventory

  • Cupid's Warrior

    Have the following items in your inventory:
    Cupids Tale, Heart Shield, Romance Stamp and Cupids Bow and Arrow

  • Cursed


  • Darkness Falls...
    Darkness Falls...

  • Dovulicious


  • Different Eras

    Own a 60s, Ancient and Space pet and then view your profile
    P.S 3 different pets

  • Don't Lose Your Way

    Use the Rustic Oil Lantern at the Haunted House

  • Doomed

    Feed 10 slices of bread to your pets
    P.S it can be achieved using multiple pets

  • Ducky Love

    Feed a Ducky Bento Box to a Pet that has used Samuels Hat and Samuels Shirt
    P.S All available at the Quest Store

  • Ducky!!

    Play with a Ducky until it breaks

  • Ducky, Ducky, Lugra!
    Ducky, Ducky, Lugra!


  • Eggxtreme Basket Filler

    Complete 10 Plastic Egg Jigsaw Puzzles

  • Environmentalist

    Use the Environmentalist Avatar item

  • Epic Fail

    Send a score of 3 in Survivor Game

  • Evil Supreme

    Have any 3 "Evil" items in your inventory

  • Experienced Hoarder

    Have 1000 Rarity 2 items in a single storage box

  • Explosive Christmas

    Play with a Christmas Firework

  • Extreme Hoarder

    Have 250 Rarity 5 items in a single storage box

  • Fashion

    Use 201 beauty items on a single pet

  • Fashionista

    Use 1,000 beauty items on a single pet, and visit The Beauty King

  • Feeling Sick?

    Feed 1 pet all 15 items from the Easter Basket:
    Fluffy Chocolate Bar, Hollow Chocolate Bar, Chocolate Jakrit Drops, Yellow Chick Chocolate Bar, Large Giftwrapped Cocoa Bean, Jakrit Candy Sticks, Flower Candy, Star Shaped Chocolate Bar, Chocolate Covered Chocolate Sandwich, Vegetable shaped Chocolate, Chocolate Pencil Crayons, Spicy Chocolate, Choc-b-gone Nutrient Bar, Chocolate Biscuit, Chocolate House

  • Figurines Lover

    Have 15 different figurines in your storage

  • Fire Keeper

    Have 10 of each the following items in your inventory:
    Fire Bomb, Fire Buckler, Fire Snowball, Fire Stamp, Fire Sword, Fire Wand, Fireball, Rubber Fire Sword.

  • For the Love of Candy Corn
    For the Love of Candy Corn

    Have a Halloween Novyn pet active and use 5 Candycorn and 5 Candycorn Cheesecake with that pet.

  • Froggy

    Use the "Froggy Avatar" item

  • Frozen Marathon

    Create 60 different ice cubes in the Ice Box in a 24 hour period

  • Funky!

    Buy a Funky Lamp from the Quest Store

  • Gallery Enthusiast

    Have 1,000 items in your gallery

  • Gold Lover

    Have the following items in your inventory:
    Golden Ice Cube, Gold Boat, Fake Gold Crown, Solid Gold Tea Set, Gold Hand Mirror, Gold Token, Golden Egg Supreme, Gold Token Ice Cube, Gold 2012 Coin, Gold Fondue

  • Gold!

    Use the "Gold Avatar" item

  • Gotta Open Em All

    Open Cuddly Capsules 1-11
    P.S (If the avatar does not unlock you will need to open Capsules 12 to 15 also)

  • Grand Opening!
    Visit the News page on October 20th

  • GRAPES!?!

    Feed your pet an item with the word 'grape' in it

  • Gummy Lips

    View your Inventory with all 8 "Gummy Lips" in it
    Apple , Blueberry, Cherry, Grape, Lemon, Mystery, Orange, Strawberry

  • Happy Halloween!

    Have 4 different Halloween pets and view your profile on October 31st

  • Happy Holidays!

    Use the "Happy Holidays Avatar" item

  • 1527676458_116394.png
    Happy Hour


  • Harvest Avatar

    Visit the Food Mall

  • Haunted

    Reach the final room of the Haunted House 13 times

  • Heart Builder

    Complete 10 Puzzle of Hearts at the Jigsaw Puzzles

  • Heavy Saver

    Collect 10,000 IP from a single daily interest

  • Hello, My Name Is...

    Create a topic in the Introduction Forum

  • Hey Good Lookin

    Have 150 unique colors in 1 pet's closet

  • Hey! Listen!

    Complete 8 surveys

  • I <3 Beef Jerky

    Have a beef jerky in your gallery, shop, storage, and two in your inventory - feed one from the inventory to your pet

  • I bought this Avatar

    Use the "Scratchcards Avatar" item.

  • I... See Cubes... Everywhere

    Spend over 2,500,000 IP at the Ice Box

  • Ice Ice Baby

    View your profile with an Ice pet

  • 1528924017_100716.png
    In Shambles

     Break a Wooden blocks, Glass blocks, and Stone blocks while having a Roosting Bird Plushie in your inventory.
    P.S Break them with the same pet

  • In Sync

    Really unclear


    Play the game Combination and lose

  • It wasn't a lie!

    Feed 1 pet 100 items with the word "cake" in it

  • It's Rave Time

    Have a Rave pet play with a Glow stick between 12am - 2am IST

  • Jackpot!

    Win the Jackpot from a Scratchcards

  • Join the Cube Club

    Use a Cubed Snow Jar

  • Lanalium Discovery

    Get a trophy to Lanalium level

  • Leader
    Own 4 evil pets and view your profile page

  • Learn To Read!

    Read a book to a Baby pet

  • Let it Snow!

    Complete 10 snowmen at the Jigsaw Puzzles

  • Lonely

    Play with a Lonely Novyn Plush till your pet break it

  • Lord of the Elements

    Have 1 of each Elemental Wand in your inventory:
    Earth Wand, Fire Wand, Ice Wand, Wind Wand

  • Love and War

    Have 2 Love pets and 2 Firebreathing pets and view your profile

  • Lovely Gifter

  • Lucky Rub

    Win an item from rubbing the Scarab Amulet

  • Master of Disguise

    Use all 5 Costumes on your pet:
    Creepy Clown Costume, Magical Sailor Costume, Masked Drama Costume, Plumber Brother Costume, Pop Star Costume

  • Masterchef

    Use an Oven Gloves, Apron and Chefs Hat on your pet and then play with a Measuring Cups

  • Melting Away

    Add a Melting Ice Cube in your ice cube collection, then view your collection

  • Member of the Month

    Be the winner of Member Of The Month (MOTM)

  • Merry Christmas

    Visit your Christmas Tree on December 25th

  • 1440119018_100716.png
    Meteora Misfortune



    Save exactly 1 million IP in your bank account

  • Mistletoe

    Visit the News page on December 25th

  • Morph

    Use any Morphing Potion

  • Muffin Time

    Feed 1 of your pets all 4 Frozen Muffins:
    Frozen Blueberry Muffin, Frozen Chocolate Muffin, Frozen Chocolate-Chip Muffin, Frozen Strawberry Muffin

  • My 100th Avatar

    Unlock 99 Avatars

  • Nerd

    Read 1,000 books to your pet and visit the Library

  • New Years!

    Have all 10 New Year's 2012 items in your inventory:
    New Year Balloons, New Year Sunnies, New Years Beanie, New Years Champagne, New Years Confetti, New Years Eve Rocket Plushie, New Years Ice Cube, New Years Stamp, Firework Festivities, Happy New Year Cake

  • Newbie Helper

    Create 100 newbie packs at  the Welcoming Center

  • Nom Nom Nom

    Reach 90% in your Gourmet Food collection

  • Not Gonna Happen

    Lose 5 scratchcards in a row

  • Novitaria

    Complete an Novitaria Hunt

  • 1523103386_116394.png
    On A Budget

    Buy 100 items at 200 IP or less from NPC shops, in a 1 day

  • One Person's Trash...

    Sell a lot of things to the Scrap Shop. (Amount unknown)

  • Orchestral Leader
    Orchestral Leader


  • Over 9,000!

    Have exactly 9,001 IP on hand

  • 1518482938_100716.png


  • Pickle Pickle

    Random when feeding your pet A Pickles

  • Pinata Smasher

    This avatar can be unlock by Smashing the new release of Pinatas each year. Random

  • Pink Addicted

    Use a Pink Ridix Plushie on your Pink Ridix

  • Platinum Scratcher

    Scratch 1000 Scratchcards

  • Playing in the Rain

    Use a Yellow Rainboots & a Yellow Raincoat on your active pet then Discard an Attack Parasol

  • Plotter! (Found Cecie!)

    Complete the Cecie's Disappearance plot

  • Plush-O-Matic


  • Plushie Collector!

    Have 200 plushies in a pet's collection

  • Plushie Quests

    Complete 500 Plushie Quests
    P.S Unlock when doing Plushie Quest 501

  • Plushie Fan
    Plushie Fan

  • Plushie Connoisseur
    Plushie Connoisseur

  • 1522884272_100716.png

    Feed at least 150 Organic Fruits to any of your Pets while the Pollen Grenades are in your inventory

  • Pranked

    Random when playing with a Prankster toy

  • Protected

    Have 10 of each land shield in your gallery:
    Shield of Draga Volcanoes, Shield of Glacia, Shield of Halipar Jungles, Shield of Khalic Desert, Shield of Knollo Woods, 
    Shield of Meteora, Shield of Misty Isle, Shield of Snowslide Mountains, Shield of Talytil Lake

  • Puzzle Perfectionist

    Complete 25 unique Jigsaw Puzzles

  • Quest Book Madness

    Delete 25 of each Quest book (Excluding the Book Quest Books)

  • Quitter

    Quit 50 Easter Quests in 1 day

  • Raffle Winner

    Win the Raffle

  • Remember

    Send a score over 10,000 in Sharshel Says

  • Roleplayer!

    Post on the Roleplay Board 5-7 times

  • Romance

    Receive 5 Love Letters poems

  • Rough

    Play with a Snowdrift Wulfer Plushie until it breaks

  • Safe Cracker

    Unlock the safe at the Combination Game

  • Safety First

    Use a Christmas Pet Collar on a Christmas pet

  • Santa Stopped Here

    Play with a Santa Stop Here Sign

  • Scaredy Cat

    Random when attempting the Haunted House

  • Shepherd

    Have 4 Makoats pet, use a Makoat Collar on each of them, then feed them all a Makoat Meal
    P.S Keep all four Mokoats pet Untill you received the avatar

  • Shiny!

    Win 12 gold trophies

  • Sightseeing

    Visit all the lands in Terrafrost

  • Slimed!

    Use the Slimed! Avatar item

  • Small Change

    Sell a item at the Scrap Shop that will give you 10,000+ IP

  • Smashing!

    Own 4 different Pinata pets and view your profile

  • 1525745704_100716.png
    Snow Soda Party

    Feed all different sodas to 4 different pets
    P.S The Liquorice Snow Soda ARE NOT NECESSARY

  • Snowman Quests

    Complete 500 Snowman Quests
    P.S Unlock when doing Snowman Quest 501

  • Sophisticated Hoarder

    Have 500 Rarity 4 items in a single storage box

  • Space Explorer!

    Have a Space pet play with Toy Rocketship when you have all the Planet Plushies in your inventory

  • Space Quests

    Complete 500 Space Quests
    P.S Unlock when doing Space Quest 501

  • Spoiled Jakrit!

    Feed your Jakrit a Carrot

  • Spooky Gifts

    Random when sending a user items from Halloween 2010:
    Garlic Clove, Crucifix Earrings, Witches Cauldron, Skeleton Key, Voodoo Doll, Things That Go Bump in the Night, Bloody Wooden Stake

  • Stamp Addict

    Add your 100th stamp to your collection

  • Stamp Collector

    Have 50 stamps in your stamp collection and view your collection

  • Stamp Enthusiast

    Add your 150th stamp to your collection

  • Stamp Fanatic

    Add your 200th stamp to your collection

  • Star Bright

    Read the book Make a Wish to a Space Ridix

  • Starry Night

    Use the Starry Night Avatar item

  • Stats

    Visit the Stats page

  • Storm Bringer

    Use a Storm Snow Jar

  • Stream Supporter!

    Watch an official Icepets Twitch stream

  • Struck Gold

    Get at least 250,000ip in sales from your shop

  • Sweet at Heart

    Create 10 Mini Candy Hearts. Feed one of your pets all ten mini candy hearts

  • Swirls

    Feed any "Swirl Ice Cream" to your pet

  • Taking Out the Trash!

    Discard 500 items

  • Talk Talk Talk

    Post 250 times in the forums

  • Tea Party

    Send another user a Pink Plastic Tea Set

  • Team Blue Audril

    Take part in an Icepets contest and be on Team Blue Audril

  • 1529970611_100716.png
    Team Contest Winner

    Win a team contest

  • Team Green Trido

    Take part in an Icepets contest and be on Team Green Trido

  • Team Red Dovu

    Take part in an Icepets contest and be on Team Red Dovu

  • Team Yellow Sharshel

    Take part in an Icepets contest and be on Team Yellow Sharshel

  • Terrible Owner

    Disown a pet at the pound

  • The More You Know

    Get 10 trivia questions correct, in a row. 
    (You can skip questions that you don't know the answers with no effect on your streak)

  • Thorny Situation

    Use a Painfully Vibrant Rose Bracelet & a Deadly Poison Rose Bracelet on your active pet

  • Token Collector

    View your Gallery with 10 of each type of token in it

  • Too Full...

    Feed 1 pet 50 Full Halloween Treat Bags

  • Too Much Tiramisu

    Feed 1 pet 25 Ticket Tiramisu

  • Top Referrer

    Be on the "Top Referrer" list at the end of the month

  • Treater!

    Give out food on your doorstep, during the Halloween event, to 100 different users

  • Tricker!

    Use a Soul Stealer 10 times

  • Tricky Trivia

    Get a trivia wrong

  • True Rebel

    Use 1 of each "lone sock" on 1 pet

  • Twinsies


  • Ultimate Restocker

    Restock a rarity 5 item

  • Undead

    Read the book 'Zombies' to a pet between 11pm - 1am IST

  • Unsurprising

    Send a Red Wulfer Morphing Potion in a Red Wulfer Gift Box

  • Voted!

    Vote in a poll in the Voting Board

  • We Have A Winner!

    Use the "Scratchcards Avatar" item

  • Weapons Quests

    Complete 500 Weapons Quests
    P.S Unlock when doing Weapons Quest 501

  • Weapons Slave

    Random when completing a Weapons Quest

  • Which one is best? Avatar
    Which one is best?


  • Yarr!

    Play with a Pirate Boat until it breaks

  • You Look Freezing

    Freeze 90% of the freezable items

  • You Look Stunning!

    Reach 90% in one of your pets' closets

  • Zabeu Tamer

    Use a Zabeu Totem at the mystic rock. This can either be a NEW pet, or transforming and EXISTING pet

  • Zombie

    Have you Zombie Audril play with any skull toy

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