Big Red Button Guide

How to Gain Access to Big Red Button?
The Big Red Button, or BRB for short, is located in the Game Section on Icepets. It is only available to those who have an active gold account status.
How to Use Big Red Button?
Once you’ve gained access to the BRB, just click on the BRB image to receive an item exclusive to this feature. More often than not, you will receive one of twelve quest books that provide information on what the quests ask for or what the quest reward you for completing them. However, you can also receive Cuddly Capsules that contain one of three cuddly plushies; Quest Extenders; Shop Upgrades; as well as some various Gold items and profile skins. See below for a complete list of items.
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  • Big Red Button
    P.S You will be reward 1 item from the list below.