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By RiverStarr
Every tale has a brand-new adventure awaiting just beyond the pages. Immerse yourself in a world of fantasy and learning with each book. Whether it be learning to colour to traversing the hidden regions of Terrafrost, you’ll never be disappointed. Bring your favourite book down to the library to re-read time and time again. With over 250 books to choose from, there is something for everyone.

By gravity172
Updated January 8th, 2020
Total Book Available = 301
Green Light = Quest Items
Text In Black Bold = Shop Search Direct Link
Text In Red = Direct Link to availability

Avatars related with books

  • Book Keeper
    Complete 500 Book Quests
    P.S Unlock when doing Book Quest 501

  • Bookworm
    Read twenty different books to one of your pets

  • Learn To Read!
    Read a book to a Baby pet

  • Nerd
    Read 1,000 books to your pet and visit the Library

  • Quest Book Madness
    Delete 25 of each Quest book (Excluding the Book Quest Books)

  • Star Bright
    Read the book Make a Wish to a Space Ridix

  • Undead
    Read the book 'Zombies' to a pet between 11pm - 1am IST

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