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Candy Quest Avatar

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    Complete 500 Candy Quests 
    P.S Unlock when attempting Quest 501

  • Candy Quest Wooden 1

  • Candy Quest Wooden 2

  • Candy Quest Wooden 3

  • Candy Quest Wooden 4

  • Candy Quest Wooden 5

  • Candy Quest Stone 1

  • Candy Quest Stone 2

  • Candy Quest Stone 3

  • Candy Quest Stone 4

  • Candy Quest Stone 5

  • Candy Quest Metal 1

  • Candy Quest Metal 2

  • Candy Quest Metal 3

  • Candy Quest Metal 4

  • Candy Quest Metal 5

  • Candy Quest Bronze 1

  • Candy Quest Bronze 2

  • Candy Quest Bronze 3

  • Candy Quest Bronze 4

  • Candy Quest Bronze 5

  • Candy Quest Silver 1

  • Candy Quest Silver 2

  • Candy Quest Silver 3

  • Candy Quest Silver 4

  • Candy Quest Silver 5

  • Candy Quest Gold 1

  • Candy Quest Gold 2

  • Candy Quest Gold 3

  • Candy Quest Gold 4

  • Candy Quest Gold 5

  • Candy Quest Titanium 1

  • Candy Quest Titanium 2

  • Candy Quest Titanium 3

  • Candy Quest Titanium 4

  • Candy Quest Titanium 5

  • Candy Quest Crystal 1

  • Candy Quest Crystal 2

  • Candy Quest Crystal 3

  • Candy Quest Crystal 4

  • Candy Quest Crystal 5

  • Candy Quest Ice 1

  • Candy Quest Ice 2

  • Candy Quest Ice 3

  • Candy Quest Ice 4

  • Candy Quest Ice 5

  • Candy Quest Carulum 1

  • Candy Quest Carulum 2

  • Candy Quest Carulum 3

  • Candy Quest Carulum 4

  • Candy Quest Carulum 5

  • Candy Quest Lanalium 1

  • Candy Quest Lanalium 2

  • Candy Quest Lanalium 3

  • Candy Quest Lanalium 4

  • Candy Quest Lanalium 5

  • Candy Quest Aterum 1

  • Candy Quest Aterum 2

  • Candy Quest Aterum 3

  • Candy Quest Aterum 4

  • Candy Quest Aterum 5

Candy Quest Request List

  • Apple Gummy Dabus Apple Gummy Lips Apple Rock Candy
    Apple Trido Marshmallow Birthday Cupcakes Biscuit with Apple Jelly
    Biscuit with Grape Jelly Blackberry Love Cupcake Blue Ridix Cupcake
    Blueberry Gelatin Blueberry Gummy Lips Blueberry Jam Taiyaki
    Blueberry Lollipop Blueberry Rock Candy Caramel Gelatin
    Caramel Smoothie Cheese Taiyaki Cherry Gelatin
    Cherry Gummy Dabus Cherry Gummy Lips Cherry Lollipop
    Cherry Rock Candy Cherry Trido Marshmallow Chili Chocolate Cupcake
    Chocolate Apple Sharshel Candy Chocolate Banana Split Chocolate Bar
    Chocolate Cherry Sharshel Candy Chocolate Chip Cookies Chocolate Coated Celery
    Chocolate Coated Cricket Chocolate Cottoncandy Sharshel Candy Chocolate Covered Chocolate Banana Split
    Chocolate Covered Neapolitan Banana Split Chocolate Covered Strawberry Banana Split Chocolate Covered Vanilla Banana Split
    Chocolate Fondue Chocolate Grape Sharshel Candy Chocolate Ice Cream
    Chocolate Lemon Sharshel Candy Chocolate Lollipop Chocolate Macarons
    Chocolate Orange Sharshel Candy Chocolate Smoothie Chocolate Snot Snow Cone
    Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream Chocolate Taiyaki Chocolate Traptur Cookie
    Chocolate Traptur Stamp Chocolate Trido Cake Chocolate Watermelon Sharshel Candy
    Chocolate Wulfer Stamp Christmas Pudding Coconut Gelatin
    Coffee Macarons Cottoncandy Candy Cupcake Cottoncandy Gelatin
    Cottoncandy Gummy Dabus Cottoncandy Macarons Cottoncandy Trido Marshmallow
    Croquembouche Custard Taiyaki Dark Chocolate Audril
    Dark Chocolate Cobron Dark Chocolate Cream Cookie Dark Chocolate Dabu
    Dark Chocolate Dovu Dark Chocolate Jakrit Dark Chocolate Makoat
    Dark Chocolate Novyn Dark Chocolate Ori Dark Chocolate Ridix
    Dark Chocolate Sharshel Dark Chocolate Traptur Dark Chocolate Trido
    Dark Chocolate Wulfer Dark Chocolate Xephyr Dark Chocolate Zabeu
    Gingerbread Christmas Tree Cookie Gingerbread Couple Gingerbread House Making Kit
    Gingerbread Wulfer Cookie Gold Fondue Golden Raspberry Love Cupcake
    Grape Gelatin Grape Gummy Dabus Grape Gummy Lips
    Grape Lollipop Grape Rock Candy Grape Trido Marshmallow
    Green Ridix Cupcake Green Tea Macarons Ice Fondue
    Kiwi Lollipop Lemon Gelatin Lemon Gummy Dabus
    Lemon Gummy Lips Lemon Lollipop Lemon Rock Candy
    Lemon Trido Marshmallow Lime Gelatin Maple Bark
    Maple Syrup Milk and Cookies Milk Chocolate Audril
    Milk Chocolate Cobron Milk Chocolate Dabu Milk Chocolate Dovu
    Milk Chocolate Jakrit Milk Chocolate Makoat Milk Chocolate Novyn
    Milk Chocolate Ori Milk Chocolate Ridix Milk Chocolate Sharshel
    Milk Chocolate Traptur Milk Chocolate Trido Milk Chocolate Wulfer
    Milk Chocolate Xephyr Milk Chocolate Zabeu Mini Sugar Skulls
    Mocha Smoothie Mystery Gummy Lips Mystery Rock Candy
    Narwhal Cake Pop Neapolitan Banana Split Novyn Volcano Cake
    Nuclear Cream Pie Orange Gelatin Orange Gummy Dabus
    Orange Gummy Lips Orange Lollipop Orange Macarons
    Orange Rock Candy Orange Trido Marshmallow Ori Eyeball Dessert
    Pistachio Macarons Plain Biscuit Prankster Pie
    Rainbow Gelatin Rainbow Gummy Lips Rainbow Lollipop
    Rainbow Rock Candy Raspberry Love Cupcake Rave Ridix Cupcake
    Red Bean Taiyaki Red Ridix Cupcake Red Velvet Macarons
    Rose Macarons Silver Fondue Slice of Birthday Cake
    Strawberry Banana Split Strawberry Fondue Strawberry Gelatin
    Strawberry Gummy Lips Strawberry Rock Candy Strawberry Taiyaki
    Sugar Cookie Throwing Star Traptur Claw Jello Vanilla Banana Split
    Vanilla Cream Cookie Vanilla Macarons Watermelon Gummy Dabus
    Watermelon Trido Marshmallow White Chocolate Audril White Chocolate Cobron
    White Chocolate Dabu White Chocolate Dovu White Chocolate Jakrit
    White Chocolate Makoat White Chocolate Novyn White Chocolate Ori
    White Chocolate Ridix White Chocolate Sharshel White Chocolate Traptur
    White Chocolate Trido White Chocolate Wulfer White Chocolate Xephyr
    White Chocolate Zabeu Yellow Ridix Cupcake Zebra Fondue

Candy Quest Prize List

  • 100 Storage Avocado Nigiri Beef Jerky
    Biscuit with Apple Jelly Biscuit with Grape Jelly Black Bubble Tea
    Black Tea Blue Snow Jar Blue Token
    Blueberry Bubble Tea Bronze Token Candy Muddy Buddies
    Carrot Celery Cheese and Mustard Hotdog
    Chicken Noodle Soup Chilli Cheese Hotdog Chocolate Ice Cube
    Chocolate Overloaded Candy Apple Coffee Cornucopia
    Cream of Mushroom Soup Darjeeling Tea Dirt Cider
    Drumstick Drumstick of DOOM Earl Grey Tea
    Ebi Nigiri Egg Drop Soup Egg Nog
    Energy Shake Fried Eggs Frozen Chicken Noodle Soup
    Frozen Cream of Mushroom Soup Frozen Egg Drop Soup Frozen Potato Soup
    Glass of Blueberry Lemonade Glass of Cherryade Glass of Iced Tea
    Glass of Lemonade Glass of Limeade Glass of Orange Juice
    Glass of Pink Lemonade Glass of Plumade Gold Fondue
    Green Apple Green Chili Pepper Green Jalapeno Sauce
    Green Snow Jar Green Tea Green Token
    Grey Snow Jar Grilled Cheese Herbal Tea
    Holly Berries Honeydew Bubble Tea Hot Apple Cider
    Jar of Apple Jelly Jar of Grape Jelly Jar of Pickles
    Ketchup Hotdog Leftover Christmas Turkey Loaf of Bread
    Lychee Bubble Tea Maguro Nigiri Makoat Meal
    Mango Bubble Tea Maple Bark Maple Syrup
    Masala Chai Milk and Cookies Milkshake of Doom
    Mince Pie Misspelled Coffee Cup Mixed Berry Tea
    Mulled Wine Mustard Hotdog Oolong Tea
    Orange Token Organic Apple Organic Bananas
    Organic Cherries Organic Grapes Organic Orange
    Organic Strawberry Otoro Nigiri Panda Onigiri
    Pickle Pink Snow Jar Pitcher of Blueberry Lemonade
    Pitcher of Cherryade Plain Biscuit Plain Hotdog
    Potato Soup Purple Token Radish
    Red Apple Red Chili Pepper Red Snow Jar
    Red Token Rooibos Tea Rose Bubble Tea
    Saba Nigiri Sake Nigiri Sausage Biscuit
    Slice of Bread Slice of Bread with Egg Soiled Pie
    Strawberry Bubble Tea Tako Nigiri Tamago Nigiri
    Taro Bubble Tea Thai Bubble Tea Toast
    Toast with Egg Turkey Club Turnip
    Unagi Nigiri Vitamin A Vitamin B
    Vitamin C Vitamin D White Tea
    Wulfer Bonanza Yellow Apple Yellow Snow Jar
    Yellow Token Zabeu Cappuccino
    Rare Prizes
    Cookie Cutters Gummy Dabus Half Eaten Truffle
    Lollipop Hammer Sugar Free Chocolate Cake

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