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Christmas Cracker Guide

How to Obtain Christmas Cracker?
The Christmas Cracker was introduced to Icepets during December of 2012. Since its release, it has been available each year from the advent calendar. Hopefully this trend continues in subsequent years. Another way to find this item is to leave out a set of three items: Reindeer Carrot, Santas Milk & Santas Cookies. It is random which items you get from this method, but it is still a possibility.
How to Use Christmas Cracker?
It is an openable item, so you’ll want to be at your inventory for some festive fun. Inside you will find a Christmas item from the year 2012. 2012 marked the only year that had year-specific keys to open missed days from the Advent Calendar. It also marked the only year where the advent calendar was its own item. What was nice about this was you could have multiple advent calendars. Each advent calendar’s days could be unlocked by using a numbered key associated with the day an item was released. In the case of the Christmas Cracker, that was day 20.
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