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Costume Box Guide

How to Obtain a Costume Box?
During 2016, the Costume Box was introduced to the Halloween festivities. This is a Jig-Saw item and required six new costume inspired items to create it. These were acquired via Grave Digger and from other users who no longer needed them.
How to Use a Costume Box?
As all openable items go, your inventory is where you should be. One click, open, and one more click opened this beautiful item. Inside, you could find one of five new costumes that can be used for collecting or for adding to your pet’s beauty collection.
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  • Costume Box

    Category: Misc
    Value: 5,000 IP
    Rarity: 5
    Jigsaw Puzzles

    P.S You will received 1 of the listed items below when opening the Costume Box.

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