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Cuddly Capsules Guide

How to obtain a Cuddly Capsule?
To obtain a Cuddly Capsule, you must first use the big red button which requires a gold account to access. By using the Big Red Button, you will be given a random chance to get either a quest related book or an assortment of prizes that include the 15 wonderful cuddly capsules. 

How to obtain a Gold Account?
 -There are two ways to get yourself a gold account which is needed to use the Bid Red Button. First, you can spend real currency (USD) to get one of the four gold account options, namely One Month; Three Months; Six Months; or 12 Months. Just head over to the I.C.E. Shop and click on Gold Account. 
 -The other option is to buy directly from another user. This is especially good for people who cannot afford to buy a gold account with real currency. It’s best to advertise your intent to buy a gold account on the Marketplace Forums. 

How to use the Big Red Button?
So now you have a gold account. What do you do now? You go play the Big Red Button. All it takes it a quick click to the games section and a scroll down to the Big Red Button. Click the center of the big red button to see what you have won. Maybe you get lucky and get an exclusive item such as a cuddly capsule. Don’t fret if you don’t get one right off the bat; you’ll have another chance to click the button every day while your gold account is active.
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