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Five Random Noviteggs Guide

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How to Obtain Five Random Noviteggs?
The Five Random Noviteggs are an openable item that gives you, as the name implies, five random Noviteggs. Every year, Icepets has its own version of Easter which usually means the return of this item. They are frequently put into the limited section of the I.C.E. shop during this time. Sometimes they are even added as a prize for completing the trivia for the week.

How to Use Five Random Noviteggs?
Five Random Noviteggs can be opened from your inventory. You will receive a random combination of Noviteggs released on the site.
Each Novitegg contains an assortment of different items based on when they were originally released. Each batch of Noviteggs have collectible items (ie. Ice Cubes, gourmet, plushies, etc.) and some miscellaneous goodies inside. When opened they contain one to three items from their respective pool of items as well as an empty version of the egg opened. These can either be collected or you can hang onto them to use for the Novitaria Quest. The empty versions of the eggs can either be sold or turned into the Novitaria Store for points that can only be used at the Easter Shop.

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