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Ghost Costumes Guide

How can I obtain a Ghost Costume Box?
In the past, the Ghost Costume and the Ghost Costume 2 were available by participating in the Halloween events in their respective years of 2014 and 2015. Now that these Halloween events for these years has concluded, the only way to get these now is to play the Haunted House in the Games Section of Icepets. The Ghost Costume is located within the Spectral Present and the Ghost Costume 2 is located within the Sinister Present. Both are possible consolation prizes in the Haunted House. Try your luck and you could walk away with one of these.
How to use a Ghost Costume Box?
Once you have obtained a Ghost Costume Box, head on over to your lively inventory. Opening up your newly acquired box is simply a matter of clicking use once you’ve clicked the item from your inventory. You will receive one of six or seven ghost costumes depending on which one you opened that can be used on your pet. It acts as a beauty item.

What can I do with Ghost Costumes?
Ghost costumes are beauty items so the first option is to use them on your pet to further their beauty collection. There are currently 13 ghost costumes to collect featuring 13 of our 16 icepets. They can also be sold to other users who are seeking these as additions to their own collection be it for their pet or for their own personal collections.

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  • Ghost Costume

    Category: Misc
    Value: 666 IP
    Rarity: 6
    Halloween Event

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