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Halloween Data Guide

Halloween 2018

Halloween Avatar

  • Too Full...

    You will have to trick or treat and fill up 50 of those empty bags and then feed them to one of your pet to obtain this cool avatar.
  • 1350828178_7574.png

    Give out food on your doorstep, during the Halloween event in October, to at least 100 different users.


    Have four diffrent Halloween pets and view your profile on October 31st.

  • Spooky Gifts

    Bloody Wooden Stake, Garlic Clove, Garlic Earrings, Skeleton Key, Things That Go Bump in the Night, Voodoo Doll, Witch's Cauldron.

  • Tricker!

    Use a Soul Stealer 10 times P.S Unlock when trying for Soul #11

Halloween Openable Guides

Ghost Costume 2014 & Ghost Costume 2 2015

Halloween Openable Guides

Scary Present - Sinister Present - Slimy Present - Spectral Present
Spooky Present - Strange Present - Supernatural Present
- Spellbound Present


Grave Digger 2019


Mini GhostMini GhostMini GhostMini Ghost Ghost Hunt 2018Mini GhostMini GhostMini GhostMini Ghost

Treat - Treat - Treat - Trick

You can find these ghosts rooming around Icepets.

You can also use an Ouija Board available in the I.C.E shop or if you lucky enough inside a Strange Present to revive them.

P.S The section below is for the Trick not Treat.

P.S The section below is for the Treat not Trick.

Grave Digger 2018

Haunted House 2018

The Blob 2017

Grave Digger 2017

Haunted House 2017

Grave Digger 2016

Haunted House 2016

Grave Digger 2015

Haunted House 2015

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