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Love Letter Guide

How to obtain a Love Letter?
Love letters are typically only available during the Icepets’ Valentine’s celebrations. Oftentimes, the love letter can be given out via questing rewards and bought from NPC shops. If you participate in the Love vs. Evil events, you can also earn points that are used to purchase various goodies which includes the Love Letter. These points can be used all year round.
How to use a Love Letter?
A love letter is different from most other use items. Using love letters benefits the user you send a poem to as opposed to benefiting yourself. This is because there is an avatar attached to this item and requires you to RECEIVE five poems from other users. You can send other players your own poems by simply clicking on the love letter and clicking the link that says send poem to user. This will prompt you to enter the user you wish to send the poem to. They receive one of five poems and an item from these letters.
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  • Love Letter

    Category: Misc
    Value: 2,100 IP
    Rarity: 5
    Heart Jakrit Egg, Valentine Events & Love vs Evil Store

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