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By RiverStarr
There exists in Terrafrost items that have no category in which to describe them. These extend to minions, scratchcards, and special openable items that hide wondrous things inside just to name a few. Most special event items fall under this category whether it be from the Advent Calendar or even through the random events held by Icepets every year. The I.C.E. Shop is host to some as well as the Scarab Amulet and the Staff of the Month team. Have fun enjoying finding these wonders.

By gravity172
Updated July 12th, 2019
Green Light = Quest Items
Text In Black Bold = Shop Search Direct Link
Text In Red = Direct Link to availability

  • New Years Ball

    Category: Misc
    Value: 1,000 IP
    Rarity: 5

  • Newbie Package

    Category: Misc
    Value: 1 IP
    Rarity: 6

  • Nibbler

    Category: Misc
    Value: 1,325 IP
    Rarity: 3

  • Nightmare

    Category: Misc
    Value: 5,000 IP
    Rarity: 5
    I.C.E Shop October 2018

  • Ninja Novitegg

    Category: Special Event
    Value: 1,200 IP
    Rarity: 2