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Mysterious ICE Box Guide

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How to obtain a Mysterious ICE Box?
The Mysterious ICE Box is an exclusive item found in the ICE Shop. You can purchase it in the ICE Shop main stock for a whopping 1000 IC (900 if you are a gold user). Inside, you can find items formerly found in the monthly limit section of the ICE Shop prior to 2016. Morphing potions are exempt from this as those are moved exclusively to the Snow Jar Igloo after the month is over. Please see the list below for a complete list of what can be found inside.

How to use a Mysterious ICE Box?
Like any items purchased from the ICE Shop, the Mysterious ICE Box item is sent to your inventory. To use the Mysterious ICE Box, simply click on the item and say use. Once open, you should have been given 3 of the listed items below.
The count is at 60 Items.

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