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Mysterious Love Chest Guide

How to Obtain Mysterious Love Chest?
The Mysterious Love Chest is obtained from the Jigsaw Puzzle feature. It is labelled Puzzle of Hearts. All that is needed are the nine hearts which used to be obtained by doing various things around the site. They aren’t as widely available as they used to be but you can sometimes find them in the Jigsaw Jakrit Egg and the Heart Attack game when it’s available. The best way to find them now is buying them from other users.
How to Use Mysterious Love Chest?
You’ve wandered on over to the Jigsaw Puzzle and inserted your nine hearts into the slots and have received a Mysterious Love Chest. Take that chest down to your inventory and admire it before taking the plunge into opening it. When you’re ready, click the chest and select open. Inside there will be either one of two Sharshel morphing potions, a food item to feed your pets, or a toy to either collect or play with your pet.
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