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Icepets New Items Release

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May 2019
Strawberry ParfaitGlowing ChakramPlasma HelmetSuited Audril FigurinePlasma Nunchucks

April 2019

Delphic StampSparkling ConflictLight and Dark PlushiesLong ShadowsAutumn Novyn Plush FigurineSummer CactusGhostly BoatToon Sharshel Morphing PotionHalipar Jungle NoviteggMisty Isle NoviteggHalipar Jungle Novitegg Ice CubeMisty Isle Novitegg Ice CubeToast with Grape JellyToast with Strawberry JellyToast with Peanut ButterAngelic Cobron Morphing PotionPastel ArmourPastel Flower CoinNovitaria CupcakesPastel Ice Cube SetNovitaria Jakrit Plushie

March 2019

Jumbo PearCute Alien PlushAlien Abduction Ice CubeBeehive CakeColourful PinwheelGerbaBook of Battle TipsPet Trimming For NewbsBook of IntelligenceSpace ExplorerA Cryptozoologist's Guide to TerrafrostLearning Your WorldDreamworld Makoat PlushieDreamworld Snow Jar Ice CubeFramed Cartographer's MapVintage CameraHorse Spirit HarpsichordIndustrial Wulfer PlushVintagePhonograph Avatar


February 2019

Ridacles and CerberinDragon HelmFinrixSatyr Ice CubeLearning Code MonkeyHoliday PoetryCrystal Ducky FigurinePear Green Tech Bow TieTech Cobron PlushieSweet Candypillar PlushieRed Heart Mug DrinkPurple Heart Mug DrinkBlue Heart Mug DrinkPink Heart Mug DrinkPlushie Trido PlushiePlushie Ori Plushie4734.png4735.png4741.png4742.png4739.png4738.png4740.png4755.png4754.png60s Lugra Morphing PotionFull Soft HeartFull Sharp HeartMagic CrystalAmourok Annual 2019Crystallised Plush CoinHiddenyteCrystallised Plush Wulfer FigurineButton CandyPlush FarofiasGeode Ice CubeColourable PlushieAmourok Plushie Veteran StampLight Up Crystal KitCrystal Sharp Profile SkinSofty at Heart Profile SkinAmourok Bracelet Set

New Trophies

Gold Plushie CompetitorGold Crystal Competitor

January 2019

Enigmatic ICE BoxOri-VA18 FigurineTouch Interface CoinPersonal Healthcare AssistantConcentrated Crushed NutrientsChemistry Set60s Novyn Pinata 2019Pirate Audril Pinata 2019Angelic Trido Pinata 2019Snowdrift Lugra Pinata 2019Skeletal Ori Pinata 2019Faded PlushieOri SoapBaby Lugra PlushiePinata Krittle Morphing PotionTech Cobron Morphing PotionPeachPearPomegranateTomatoIceberg LettuceYellow OnionPlushie Ducky

New Avatars

Orchestral LeaderPlush-O-MaticPlushie FanPlushie ConnoisseurTwinsies

December 2018

Skeletal Krittle FigurineSkully Nail PolishLittle Helper CostumeHearty Bean SoupBundled Lugra Bobble HeadTerrafrost RomperBizarre Original Ice CreamBizarre Minty Fresh Ice CreamBizarre Multi-flavoured Ice CreamBizarre Cookie Crumble Ice CreamBizarre Sugary Sweet Ice CreamBizarre Chocolate Deluxe Ice CreamSuper DuckyPeppermint Candypillar PlushieSpearmint Candypillar PlushieFestive Candy Corn Candypillar PlushieBaby Lugra Morphing PotionLemon Lugra PlushieMilk Chocolate LugraWhite Chocolate LugraDark Chocolate LugraRainbow Makoat Plush60s DuckyAncient DuckyAngelic DuckyBaby DuckyPirate Ducky

Advent Calendar 2018

New Avatars
Darkness Falls...Ducky, Ducky, Lugra!Dovulicious

November 2018

Candy Corn Candypillar PlushieAutumn Krittle PlushClover CoinBlack Eyed Pea SaladMoogelFreezable Item GuideAudri and NovylThe Locksmith's LegacyUnsigned Letter
Memoirs Vol 1Memoirs Vol 2Memoirs Vol 3Rainbow Dabu Morphing PotionMonster-Shaped LogPirate Traptur Morphing PotionPirate Lugra Morphing PotionScottie Plushie

Pirate Event 2018

New Avatars
Lugra AvatarDiscovery AvatarWhich one is best? Avatar