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Plushie Quest Guide
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  • Plushie Quests
    Complete 500 Plushie Quests 
    P.S Unlock when attempting Quest 501

  • Plushie Quest Wooden 1

  • Plushie Quest Wooden 2

  • Plushie Quest Wooden 3

  • Plushie Quest Wooden 4

  • Plushie Quest Wooden 5

  • Plushie Quest Stone 1

  • Plushie Quest Stone 2

  • Plushie Quest Stone 3

  • Plushie Quest Stone 4

  • Plushie Quest Stone 5

  • Plushie Quest Metal 1

  • Plushie Quest Metal 2

  • Plushie Quest Metal 3

  • Plushie Quest Metal 4

  • Plushie Quest Metal 5

  • Plushie Quest Bronze 1

  • Plushie Quest Bronze 2

  • Plushie Quest Bronze 3

  • Plushie Quest Bronze 4

  • Plushie Quest Bronze 5

  • Plushie Quest Silver 1

  • Plushie Quest Silver 2

  • Plushie Quest Silver 3

  • Plushie Quest Silver 4

  • Plushie Quest Silver 5

  • Plushie Quest Gold 1

  • Plushie Quest Gold 2

  • Plushie Quest Gold 3

  • Plushie Quest Gold 4

  • Plushie Quest Gold 5

  • Plushie Quest Titanium 1

  • Plushie Quest Titanium 2

  • Plushie Quest Titanium 3

  • Plushie Quest Titanium 4

  • Plushie Quest Titanium 5

  • Plushie Quest Crystal 1

  • Plushie Quest Crystal 2

  • Plushie Quest Crystal 3

  • Plushie Quest Crystal 4

  • Plushie Quest Crystal 5

  • Plushie Quest Ice 1

  • Plushie Quest Ice 2

  • Plushie Quest Ice 3

  • Plushie Quest Ice 4

  • Plushie Quest Ice 5

  • Plushie Quest Carulum 1

  • Plushie Quest Carulum 2

  • Plushie Quest Carulum 3

  • Plushie Quest Carulum 4

  • Plushie Quest Carulum 5

  • Plushie Quest Lanalium 1

  • Plushie Quest Lanalium 2

  • Plushie Quest Lanalium 3

  • Plushie Quest Lanalium 4

  • Plushie Quest Lanalium 5

  • Plushie Quest Aterum1

  • Plushie Quest Aterum2

  • Plushie Quest Aterum3

  • Plushie Quest Aterum4

  • Plushie Quest Aterum5

Plushie Quest Request List

  • 60s Audril Plushie 60s Cobron Plushie 60s Dabu Plushie
    60s Makoat Plushie 60s Ori Plushie 60s Sharshel Plushie
    60s Snow Jar Plushie 60s Traptur Plushie 60s Wulfer Plushie
    60s Zabeu Plushie Ancient Jakrit Plushie Ancient Makoat Plushie
    Ancient Snow Jar Plushie Ancient Xephyr Plushie Angelic Fluffy Makoat Plush
    Angelic Makoat Plushie Angelic Snow Jar Plushie Angelic Xephyr Plushie
    Autumn Krittle Plush Autumn Novyn Plush Baby Jakrit Plushie
    Baby Makoat Plushie Baby Sharshel Plushie Baby Snow Jar Plushie
    Baby Xephyr Plushie Birthday Present Plushie Black Cobron Plushie
    Black Dabu Plushie Black Jakrit Plushie Black Krittle Plushie
    Black Makoat Plushie Black Novyn Plushie Black Sharshel Plushie
    Black Snow Jar Plushie Black Traptur Plushie Black Trido Plushie
    Blitzen Reindeer Plushie Blue Audril Plushie Blue Cobron Plushie
    Blue Dabu Plushie Blue Dovu Plushie Blue Fluffy Makoat Plush
    Blue Jakrit Cube Plush Blue Jakrit Plushie Blue Krittle Plushie
    Blue Makoat Plushie Blue Novyn Plushie Blue Ori Plushie
    Blue Ridix Plushie Blue Sharshel Plushie Blue Snow Jar Plushie
    Blue Traptur Plushie Blue Trido Plushie Blue Wulfer Plushie
    Blue Xephyr Plushie Blueberry Ice Cream Cone Plushie Blueberry Swirl Ice Cream Cone Plushie
    Bluegreen Audril Plushie Bluegreen Cobron Plushie Bluegreen Dabu Plushie
    Bluegreen Dovu Plushie Bluegreen Jakrit Plushie Bluegreen Krittle Plushie
    Bluegreen Makoat Plushie Bluegreen Novyn Plushie Bluegreen Ori Plushie
    Bluegreen Ridix Plushie Bluegreen Sharshel Plushie Bluegreen Snow Jar Plushie
    Bluegreen Traptur Plushie Bluegreen Trido Plushie Bluegreen Wulfer Plushie
    Bomb Plushie Book of Plushies Brown Dabu Plushie
    Brown Dovu Plushie Brown Krittle Plushie Brown Novyn Plushie
    Brown Sharshel Plushie Brown Snow Jar Plushie Brown Trido Plushie
    Brown Xephyr Plushie Butterscotch Swirl Ice Cream Cone Plushie Candy Corn Candypillar Plushie
    Chocolate Ice Cream Cone Plushie Chocolate Swirl Ice Cream Cone Plushie Christmas Snow Jar Plushie
    Christmas Star Plushie Comet Reindeer Plushie Cottoncandy Audril Plushie
    Cottoncandy Cobron Plushie Cottoncandy Dabu Plushie Cottoncandy Dovu Plushie
    Cottoncandy Jakrit Plushie Cottoncandy Krittle Plushie Cottoncandy Makoat Plushie
    Cottoncandy Novyn Plushie Cottoncandy Ori Plushie Cottoncandy Ridix Plushie
    Cottoncandy Sharshel Plushie Cottoncandy Snow Jar Plushie Cottoncandy Traptur Plushie
    Cottoncandy Trido Plushie Cottoncandy Wulfer Plushie Crystal Ridix Plushie
    Crystal Sharshel Plushie Crystal Snow Jar Plushie Crystal Xephyr Plushie
    Cubed Snow Jar Plushie Cupid Reindeer Plushie Dancer Reindeer Plushie
    Dasher Reindeer Plushie Donner Reindeer Plushie Dreamworld Dabu Plushie
    Dreamworld Snow Jar Plushie Evil Makoat Plushie Evil Penguin Plushie
    Evil Snow Jar Plushie Evil Teddy Bear Evil Traptur Plushie
    Evil Xephyr Plushie Extraterrestrial Plushie Fairy Makoat Plushie
    Fairy Ori Plushie Fairy Snow Jar Plushie Fire Fairy Plushie
    Firebreathing Dovu Plushie Firebreathing Jakrit Plushie Firebreathing Ori Plushie
    Firebreathing Ridix Plushie Firebreathing Snow Jar Plushie Firebreathing Trido Plushie
    Firebreathing Wulfer Plushie Firebreathing Xephyr Plushie Fluffy Flamingo Plushie
    Fluffy Rabbit Plushie Flying Makoat Plushie Flying Snow Jar Plushie
    Flying Xephyr Plushie Furious Evil Penguin Plushie Gift Wrapped Treetle Plushie
    Green Audril Plushie Green Cobron Plushie Green Dabu Plushie
    Green Dovu Plushie Green Jakrit Cube Plush Green Jakrit Plushie
    Green Krittle Plushie Green Makoat Plushie Green Novyn Plushie
    Green Ori Plushie Green Ridix Plushie Green Sharshel Plushie
    Green Snow Jar Plushie Green Traptur Plushie Green Trido Plushie
    Green Wulfer Plushie Green Xephyr Plushie Grey Audril Plushie
    Grey Cobron Plushie Grey Dabu Plushie Grey Dovu Plushie
    Grey Jakrit Plushie Grey Krittle Plushie Grey Makoat Plushie
    Grey Novyn Plushie Grey Ori Plushie Grey Ridix Plushie
    Grey Sharshel Plushie Grey Snow Jar Plushie Grey Traptur Plushie
    Grey Trido Plushie Grey Wulfer Plushie Grey Xephyr Plushie
    Halloween Makoat Plushie Halloween Novyn Plushie Halloween Ridix Plushie
    Halloween Snow Jar Plushie Ice Audril Plushie Ice Cobron Plushie
    Ice Dabu Plushie Ice Dovu Plushie Ice Jakrit Plushie
    Ice Krittle Plushie Ice Makoat Plushie Ice Novyn Plushie
    Ice Ori Plushie Ice Ridix Plushie Ice Sharshel Plushie
    Ice Snow Jar Plushie Ice Traptur Plushie Ice Trido Plushie
    Ice Wulfer Plushie Jack Frost Plushie Lazy Ridix Plushie
    Lemon Audril Plushie Lemon Cobron Plushie Lemon Dabu Plushie
    Lemon Dovu Plushie Lemon Jakrit Plushie Lemon Makoat Plushie
    Lemon Novyn Plushie Lemon Ori Plushie Lemon Ridix Plushie
    Lemon Sharshel Plushie Lemon Traptur Plushie Lemon Trido Plushie
    Lemon Wulfer Plushie Lemon Xephyr Plushie Lemon Zabeu Plushie
    Love Audril Plushie Love Makoat Plushie Love Snow Jar Plushie
    Love Traptur Plushie Love Trido Plushie Love Wulfer Plushie
    Mint Ice Cream Cone Plushie Notebook Plushie Orange Audril Plushie
    Orange Cobron Plushie Orange Dabu Plushie Orange Dovu Plushie
    Orange Jakrit Plushie Orange Krittle Plushie Orange Makoat Plushie
    Orange Novyn Plushie Orange Ori Plushie Orange Ridix Plushie
    Orange Sharshel Plushie Orange Snow Jar Plushie Orange Traptur Plushie
    Orange Trido Plushie Orange Wulfer Plushie Orange Xephyr Plushie
    Party Cobron Plushie Party Makoat Plushie Party Snow Jar Plushie
    Pencil Plushie Pinata Dabu Plushie Pinata Makoat Plushie
    Pinata Ridix Plushie Pinata Sharshel Plushie Pinata Snow Jar Plushie
    Pinata Trido Plushie Pinata Xephyr Plushie Pink Audril Plushie
    Pink Cobron Plushie Pink Dabu Plushie Pink Dovu Plushie
    Pink Fluffy Makoat Plush Pink Jakrit Plushie Pink Krittle Plushie
    Pink Makoat Plushie Pink Novyn Plushie Pink Ori Plushie
    Pink Ridix Plushie Pink Sharshel Plushie Pink Snow Jar Plushie
    Pink Traptur Plushie Pink Trido Plushie Pink Wulfer Plushie
    Pirate Makoat Plushie Pirate Novyn Plushie Pirate Snow Jar Plushie
    Plushie Audril Hat Plushie Audril Plushie Plushie Dabu Plushie
    Plushie Jakrit Cube Plush Plushie Snow Jar Plushie Plushie Traptur Plushie
    Plushie Xephyr Plushie Prancer Reindeer Plushie Prankster Makoat Plushie
    Prankster Pie Plushie Purple Audril Plushie Purple Cobron Plushie
    Purple Dabu Plushie Purple Dovu Plushie Purple Fluffy Makoat Plush
    Purple Jakrit Cube Plush Purple Jakrit Plushie Purple Krittle Plushie
    Purple Makoat Plushie Purple Novyn Plushie Purple Ori Plushie
    Purple Ridix Plushie Purple Sharshel Plushie Purple Snow Jar Plushie
    Purple Traptur Plushie Purple Trido Plushie Purple Wulfer Plushie
    Purple Xephyr Plushie Rave Dabu Plushie Rave Ridix Plushie
    Rave Snow Jar Plushie Rave Wulfer Plushie Rave Xephyr Plushie
    Red Audril Plushie Red Cobron Plushie Red Dabu Plushie
    Red Dovu Plushie Red Jakrit Cube Plush Red Jakrit Plushie
    Red Krittle Plushie Red Makoat Plushie Red Novyn Plushie
    Red Ori Plushie Red Ridix Plushie Red Sharshel Plushie
    Red Snow Jar Plushie Red Traptur Plushie Red Trido Plushie
    Red Wulfer Plushie Red Xephyr Plushie Robot Plushie
    Rocketship Plushie Rudolph Reindeer Plushie Sacrificed Dabu Plush
    Sassy Quote Bubble Plushies Scaly Skink Plushie Skeletal Jakrit Plushie
    Skeletal Snow Jar Plushie Skeletal Wulfer Plushie Snow Owl Plushie
    Snowdrift Audril Plushie Snowdrift Cobron Plushie Snowdrift Dabu Plushie
    Snowdrift Dovu Plushie Snowdrift Jakrit Plushie Snowdrift Krittle Plushie
    Snowdrift Makoat Plushie Snowdrift Novyn Plushie Snowdrift Ori Plushie
    Snowdrift Ridix Plushie Snowdrift Sharshel Plushie Snowdrift Snow Jar Plushie
    Snowdrift Traptur Plushie Snowdrift Trido Plushie Snowdrift Wulfer Plushie
    Snowdrift Xephyr Plushie Space Dabu Plushie Space Dovu Plushie
    Space Ridix Plushie Space Snow Jar Plushie Space Xephyr Plushie
    Space Zabeu Plushie Spooky Slender Plushie Spooky Spider Plushie
    Spring Novyn Plush Squishy Blue Krittle Plush Squishy Christmas Krittle Plush
    Squishy Evil Krittle Plush Squishy Green Krittle Plush Squishy Halloween Krittle Plush
    Squishy Purple Krittle Plush Squishy Rainbow Krittle Plush Squishy Red Krittle Plush
    Squishy Skeletal Krittle Plush Squishy Snowdrift Krittle Plush Squishy Toon Krittle Plush
    Squishy Tree Frog Plushie Squishy Yellow Krittle Plush Storm Snow Jar Plushie
    Strawberry Ice Cream Cone Plushie Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream Cone Plushie Summer Novyn Plush
    Sweetheart Traptur Plushie Tech Jakrit Plushie Tech Makoat Plushie
    Tech Novyn Plushie Tech Ridix Plushie Tech Sharshel Plushie
    Tech Snow Jar Plushie Tech Traptur Plushie Tech Wulfer Plushie
    Tech Zabeu Plushie UFO Plushie Unlikely Duo Plushie
    Vampire Plushie Vanilla Ice Cream Cone Plushie Vixen Reindeer Plushie
    Walking Jellyfish Plushie Wendigo Plushie White Audril Plushie
    White Cobron Plushie White Dabu Plushie White Dovu Plushie
    White Jakrit Plushie White Krittle Plushie White Makoat Plushie
    White Novyn Plushie White Ori Plushie White Ridix Plushie
    White Sharshel Plushie White Snow Jar Plushie White Traptur Plushie
    White Trido Plushie White Wulfer Plushie White Xephyr Plushie
    Winter Novyn Plush Wonder Zapper Plushie Woodland Makoat Plushie
    Woodland Snow Jar Plushie Woodland Traptur Plushie Yellow Audril Plushie
    Yellow Cobron Plushie Yellow Dabu Plushie Yellow Dovu Plushie
    Yellow Jakrit Cube Plush Yellow Jakrit Plushie Yellow Krittle Plushie
    Yellow Makoat Plushie Yellow Novyn Plushie Yellow Ori Plushie
    Yellow Ridix Plushie Yellow Sharshel Plushie Yellow Snow Jar Plushie
    Yellow Traptur Plushie Yellow Trido Plushie Yellow Wulfer Plushie
    Yellow Xephyr Plushie Zombie Plushie

Plushie Quest Prize List

100 Storage American Flag Ducky Anniversary Sundial
Anteater Spirit Accordion Artsy Cat Statue Audril Skull
Baby Stroller Banana Ducky Birthday Balloon
Birthday Banner Birthday Bubbles Birthday Candle
Birthday Candles Black Balloon Black Sock and Ball
Black Toy Car Blue Balloon Blue Bouncy Ball
Blue Ducky Blue Snow Jar Blue Sock and Ball
Blue Token Bluegreen Balloon Boar Spirit Bagpipes
Bone Xylophone Bronze Token Brown Balloon
Brown Sock and Ball Cacti Terrarium Canadian Flag Ducky
Cat Spirit Cello Celtic Knotwork Ducky Christmas Ducky
Christmas Stocking Cobron Skull Cottoncandy Balloon
Cottoncandy Snow Jar Eat Ice Echidna Spirit Ektara
Electric Guitar Evil Be Gone Spray Evil Krittle Figurine
F360 Console F360 Controller F360 Cords
Fake Cooking Set Fake Shrink Ray Flokie
Fox Spirit Flute Ghost Ducky Gingerbread House Making Kit
Glass Blocks Gold Boat Gorilla Spirit Gong
Green Balloon Green Bouncy Ball Green Ducky
Green Snow Jar Green Sock and Ball Green Token
Grey Balloon Grey Ducky Halloween Ducky
Hornet Spirit Harmonica Ice Skates Independence Day Ducky
Krittle Griddle Light Blue Ducky Loryns Creed
Magnetic Chalkboard Makoat Mug Makoat Skull
Matryoshkat Measuring Cups Mysterious Test Tube
Nibbler Noise Maker Odd Metal Duck
Orange Balloon Orange Ducky Orange Snow Jar
Orange Sock and Ball Orange Token Ori Skull
Owl Spirit Ocarina Party Ori Kite Patchwork Wulfer Plush
Pink Balloon Pink Ducky Pink Piggy Bank
Pink Plastic Tea Set Pirate Boat Pirates of Port Rakor
Plain Boat Plastic Pickaxe Pocket Player
Possire Prankster Fake Spider Prankster Glasses
Prankster Squirt Pen Prankster Tiny Hat Prankster Tiny Shoes
Purple Balloon Purple Ducky Purple Sock and Ball
Purple Token Rainbow Gemstone Rainbow Sock and Ball
Red Balloon Red Snow Jar Red Sock and Ball
Red Token Resident Ori 5 Rubber Earth Sword
Rubber Fire Sword Rubber Ice Sword Rubber Wind Sword
Shabby Plushie Stamp Shamrock Ducky Skeletal Ducky
Snowdrift Balloon Sock Puppet Squeaky Chew Toy
Starry Ducky Stone Blocks Tech Tea Set
Terrarium Vampire Ducky White Balloon
Wooden Blocks Woodland Zabeu Model Writers Block
Wulfer Skull Xylophone Yellow Balloon
Yellow Ducky Yellow Snow Jar Yellow Sock and Ball
Yellow Token
Rare Prizes
Button Coin Cross Stitched Stamp Galaxy Skein
Sewing Hair Pins Tomato Pin Cushion

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