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Randomly Picked Jakrit Morphing Potions Guide

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How to Obtain Randomly Picked Jakrit Morphing Potion?
Easter is a busy time for Icepets. New events pop up which bring users and staff together for a fun time. With these new events, new and old items are released into the site. One of these old items in the ever popular Randomly Picked Jakrit Morphing Potion, or RPJMP for short. It is one of Icepets’ more rare items. While the Easter events are happening, the special morphing potion can be found in various places. You can sometimes find it in the Snow Jar Igloo shop. Maybe a trivia question pops up that offers up the RPJMP as a potential reward. Plus, as you gain points during the event by opening up your Jakrit eggs, you can use your Easter Shop points to purchase one. It should be noted that this is not a guarantee but Icepets always releases it into circulation in one shape or form.

How to Use Randomly Picked Jakrit Morphing Potion?
The RPJMP can be opened via your inventory. As the name implies, you will receive a random Jakrit morphing potion currently available on the site. You could get a basic Jakrit potion or if you are lucky, you can get a fancier colour to change your pet into a Jakrit.

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