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Scarab Amulet Guide

How to Obtain Scarab Amulet?
Since its unretirement, the Scarab Amulet is available in the I.C.E. Shop for a limited amount of time during Icepets’ anniversary in October. It is a unique beauty item designed to be used multiple times and has its own set of exclusive items attached to it.
How to Use Scarab amulet?
The Scarab Amulet rests in your inventory. When it was first introduced, you could rub it to get anywhere from 1,000 IP to 10,000 IP. This was changed so now, when you rub it, you have the possibility to receive one item from a select set of items exclusive to the Scarab Amulet. It is only a chance to get an item but if you do manage to snag one, you will also receive the Scarab Amulet avatar. It should also be noted that you can rub up to 10 Scarab Amulets in a day. If you have multiples, you will have to refresh the page on use for each additional amulet owned. If you don’t you lose the ability to rub the item for the rest of the day.
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