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  • The Collector has gone missing! The Collector's Quest has been shuttered, closed until further notice, and no one knows what's happened to him.
  • The Collector and I are close friends, because we both love collecting. Filling up my fabulous wardrobe never takes me far from Glacia, but the Collector's tastes sometimes take him on adventures and expeditions. He said he would be away for a bit, but didn't tell me where, and he should have been back by now. We were supposed to meet up for our Saturday brunch to talk about our collections, but he never showed up. I'm starting to worry.

    Do you think you could help me out? I'm organizing a search party. I want to start by asking around, finding out if anyone saw or heard anything that might give us a clue to where the Collector's gone. This Search Event could take a few weeks. I'd suggest clearing your calendar until August 30, 23:59:59 IcePets Time.

    If you're willing to join, I'll assign you 10 daily tasks each day. Since I know you're volunteering your time to help me and my friend, I'd like to give you a small reward for every 5 tasks you complete, as a token of my appreciation.

    If anyone can find something around Terrafrost, it's Sally Searcher. The Beauty King has put her in charge of the search efforts, while to the side you can see him drawing up lists of tasks and handing out "Missing" posters. Sally is standing by a table set up for new recruits.

    "Oh, good!" she says as you approach, picking up a clipboard. "Are you interested in helping out? We need all the hands we can get. Here, put down your name on this list."

  • Search Events August 2019 Prizes

# Clues Answers 23  
August 2019
11 Get some cosmetics to protect your skin from the sun and humidity. Purchase 5 items from the 
NPC Grooming Parlour Shop
Task Status
12 Bring some refreshments to make sure you don’t overheat! Purchase 5 items from the
NPC Frozen Treats Shop.
Task Status
13 Freezing some of your findings in the Ice Box might keep them fresh for later.  Freeze 2 items in the 
Ice Box
Task Status
14 Help out the NPCs during the search! Complet 5 Quests. Task Status
15 You'll need some Weapons to hack at that underbrush. Purchase 3 items from the 
NPC Battle Shop.
Task Status
16 Get some stamps for your letters home. Purchase 5 Items from the
NPC Post Office Shop.
Task Status
17 Replenish your energies with some food. Feed 3 food items to your pets. Task Status
18 Put some Items away to keep your Inventory light! Put 5 items into your storage.
Task Status
19 Your water is running out; purchase more to stay hydrated! Purchase 5 items from the
NPC Food Mall Shop.
Task Status
20 Keep up morale during the long search! Play with a toy 3 times with some of your pets of your pets. Task Status
# Clues Answers 16,17,18,19,20,21,22
 August 2019
1 Get some quick IcePoints to prepare for your search efforts.

Submit score in flash Games.

Task Status
2 Maybe someone tossed out a clue in the Scrap Shop by accident?

Buy 5 items from the Scrap Shop.

Scrap Shop

Task Status
3 Get people’s attention and spread the word by sending some thoughtful gifts.

Send 3 separate gifts in gift boxes to someone

Gifting Centre

Task Status
4 Maybe the Collector got lost in the Haunted House?

Play The Haunted House.

Haunted House

Task Status
5 Search the site for any sign of the Collector!

Visit pages in Icepets.

Task Status
6 Share clues with your friends.

Comment on a friend's profile.

Task Status
7 See if Cecie has heard anything lately.

Grab A Token From Token Dabu.

Token Dabu

Task Status
8 Visit the shopkeepers to see if any of them have seen the Collector.

Buy 10 items from NPC shops.

Task Status
9 Clean up your inventory to make room for new clues.

Discard 3 items from your inventory.

Task Status
10 Did the Collector hide any clues in Combination?

Play Combination.


Task Status

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