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Soul Stealer Guide

How to Obtain a Soul Stealer?
The Soul Stealer is primarily available during the Halloween season at Icepets. You can still get them throughout the year if you are lucky. The Haunted House has the chance that you will walk away with a Scary or Spooky Present. Those presents can contain the Soul Stealer. During October, they are usually part of the Grave Digger consolation prizes.

How to Use a Soul Stealer?
The interesting thing about the Soul Stealer is that you don’t get an item unless the Soul Stealer is used on you. The Soul Stealer is used to temporarily take a pet away from another user. After a set amount of time, the pet goes back to its owner while holding an item exclusive to the Soul Stealer. Since this is an item, you will go into your inventory and click on it. There should be an option to use the item where you will be asked to select which pet you would like to use the item on. It should be noted that you may only steal each pet only once and you may not steal any active pet.

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    Use a Soul Stealer 10 times
    Unlock when trying for Soul #11

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