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Treasure Chest Guide

How to obtain a Treasure Chest(s)?
A treasure chest can only be obtained by purchasing IC from the I.C.E. Shop. They are given out as a bonus each time your make apurchase of more than $10.00 USD. The more IC you buy, the more treasure chests you receive. You can purchase up to 25,000 IC to receive up to 13 treasure chests. See the list below for a list of exclusive items you can get from opening these treasure chests.
What else can I do with a Treasure Chest?
Not only can the treasure chests be opened for exclusive prize, they can also be frozen at the magical Ice Box. You can receive the more common Treasure Chest Ice Cube or the rare Icy Treasure Chest Ice Cube. Both are obtained by opting to freeze a Treasure Chest. It is a random chance for your treasure chest to be turned into an Icy Treasure Chest. There is no guarantee for it to happen and no set number you need to freeze to get one.
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