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Pet Collections Trophies

Grooming Gold

Grooming Silver
Grooming Bronze
Book Reading Gold
Book Reading Silver
Book Reading Bronze
Plushie Collection Gold
Plushie Collection Silver
Plushie Collection Bronze

User Collections

Ice Cubes Collection 100%
Stamps Collection 100%
Gourmet Food Collection 100%

Competitions Trophies
These Trophies can be obtain when competions are available.

Gold Team Audril
Silver Team Audril
Silver Team Audril
Bronze Team Audril
Bronze Team Audril
Snow Team Audril
Snow Team Audril
Gold Team Trido
Silver Team Trido
Silver Team Trido
Bronze Team Trido
Bronze Team Trido
Snow Team Trido
Snow Team Trido
Gold Team Dovu
Gold Team Dovu
Silver Team Dovu
Silver Team Dovu
Bronze Team Dovu
Bronze Team Dovu
Snow Team Dovu
Snow Team Dovu
Gold Team Sharshel Silver Team Sharshel Bronze Team Sharshel Snow Team Sharshel

Games Trophies

Survivor Gold
Survivor Silver
Survivor Bronze
Ice Snake Gold
Ice Snake Silver
Ice Snake Bronze
Catch Gold
Catch Silver
Catch Bronze
Jar Match Gold
Jar Match Silver
Jar Match Bronze
Scratchcards Gold
Scratchcards Silver
Scratchcards Bronze
Ice Breaker Gold
Ice Breaker Silver
Ice Breaker Bronze
Coined Gold
Coined Silver
Coined Bronze
Red vs Blue Gold
Red vs Blue Silver
Red vs Blue Bronze
Sharshel Says Gold
Sharshel Says Silver
Sharshel Says Bronze
Trivia Gold
Trivia Silver
Trivia Bronze

Forum Posts Trophies

100posts.gif 500posts.gif 1000posts.gif
2000posts.gif 3000posts.gif 5000posts.gif

Jakrit Hunt Trophies

gold.png silver.png bronze.png

Love vs Evil Trophies

Full Pure Heart Full Corrupted Heart Love vs Evil Competition Winner Trophy

Dragon Statue Trophies

DS4.png DS3.png DS2.png DS1.png

Referral Trophie

Support Award Trophie

Gold Support Award

Account Upgrade Trophie

Pet Colour Requester Trophie


Item Bundle Requester Trophie


Honoured Member Trophie


Ghost Hunt 2014 Trophie


 Trickster 2017 Trophie


Daily Bonus Trophie

These badges of your IcePets devotion will display proudly on user profiles in the trophy section. Work your way up through Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Daily Bonus Trophies, all the way to the super special Ice Yearly Bonus Trophy. Best of luck!
Bronze Daily Login Trophy
180 Days
Gold Daily Login Trophy Platinum Daily Login Trophy Ice Daily Login Trophy

Book Contest Participant Trophie


Environmentalist Discovery Trophie